MR25XP Racing Quad Combo (gelb)

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MR25XP Racing Quad Combo (gelb)

The new MR25X/MR25XP is born to achieve the ultimate flight performance. Lots of breakthrough designs are being made in its detail structure. Utilize with the latest spilt-type 30A BL-HeliS ESC highly fasten the response and improve effectiveness in flights.

The new MR25X/MR25XP is also equipped the new upgraded 2K DV camera especially for FPV real-time flight, clear and instant. The motor is also upgraded to 2205 2400KV giving sustained power output.

New generation MRS flight controller utilizes a 32 bits high speed processor, combining ESC, power distribution system, OSD, Bluetooth connectivity, and gimbal control function. Featuring a high precision 6-axis gyroscope sensor. Derived from Aligns core technology, the highly intelligent attitude calculation subroutine results in a highly stable and reliable performance.

The Acro Pro competitive mode is also uniquely design to satisfy extreme 3D flight pilots, providing model with steering, sensitivity, speed and response three times more than original setting value. Much agile and sensitive reaction, super speed just like feel in a sports car.

Utilize the high-quality camera lens, high video quality more clear and sharp. The lens angle with 90 degree plus camera gimbal with +25 degrees and -12 degrees tilt, allow to have wider field vision.

Specifications MR25XP / MR25X
AirFrame Diameter: 250mm
AirFrame Height (Excluding Antenna): 78mm
Propeller Diameter: 5040 Tri-Blades / 5040 Propeller
AUW (Excludes Battery): Approx. 390g

Specifications BL HeliS ESC
Input Voltage: 11.1V~14.8V (3S~4S LiPo)
Max Continuous Current: 30A
Operating Temperature: -5°C ~ +45°C

Specifications MRS Flight Control
Input Voltage: 10V~16.8V
Operating Frequency: 800HZ
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C
Maximum Angular Speed: Aileron/Elevator 400°/sec, Rudder 45°/sec
Maximum Tilting Angle: 80 degrees

Specifications 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
Operating Frequency: 5.8GHz
Input Voltage: 7~20V DC
Operating Current: 100mA 12V (25mW)
Antenna Interface: RP SMA
Transmitting Power: 25mW
Dimesion: 34x25x12mm
Weight: 10.6g (Exclude Antenna) / 28.08g (Include Antenna)

Specifications RCM-BL2205 Motor
Input Voltage: 11.1V
Max Continuous Current (3 min): 16.3A
Max Continuous Power (3 min): 240W
Stator Arms: 12
Magnet Poles: 14
Dimesion: 5x28x25.7mm
Weight: 25.7g

Specifications Video Camera with Gimbal
Recording: 1440P 30FPS / 1080P 60FPS / 1080P 30FPS / 720P 60FPS
Encoding Format: mov
Photo Resolution: 4352x3264 pixels
Shutter speed: 2~1/8000sec
Input Voltage: 5V
Aperture: F2.1
FOV: 90°
Gimbal Tilt: +25° to -12°
Memory Cards: Micro SD (Maximum Supported 32GB)
Interface: Micro USB, AV OUT/DV IN, MRS Controller
Video Output Format: PAL, NTSC

1x MR25XP Racing Quad
4x 5040 Propeller
4x 5040 Tri-Blades
4x Brushless Motor BL2205
1x Circular Ploarized Antenna TX
1x Circular Ploarized Gain Antenna TX
1x MR25 Parts Pack
1x MRS Flight Control System
4x Brushless Motor BL2205 (2400KV)
1x 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
1x 2K DV Camera with camera gimbal

Required for assembly
1x Transmitter (6-channel or more, aircraft / multicopter system)
1x Receiver (6 channel or more) or Satellite Receiver
1x 3-4S LiPo Charger
1x Flight battery 3S/4S LiPo 1300~1800mAh
1x Smartphone
1x FPV Goggle or 1x FPV Monitor (depending on device maybe 5.8GHz to 2.4GHz Converter)
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