150GRSA Flybarless System/ESC Set (A.BUS)

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150GRSA Flybarless System/ESC Set (A.BUS) - Bild 1
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Use for T-REX 150/150X
6-axis Gyro: 3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis accelerometer using a superior ARM Cortex-M4 32-bits processor. 3D feeling is superior while auto-level ability is also agile and stable.
Attitude Auto-level Mode: While there is no stick input for helicopter, the heli will auto-level and still keep at horizontal position, which is suitable for beginners.
Rescue Mode: While wrong stick input is given or heli is in trouble, or you are in panic, activate the rescue mode by flipping a switch on the radio to keep helis at a level position.
3D Flying: Brand new DFCS (Direct Flight Control System) Controller allows to control real time flight. Strong Cortex-M4 Processor allows T-REX 150 to fly just like big scale helicopters.
Built-in Receiver: ALIGN A.BUS.
Plug-in Receiver (Required): Compatible with Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, JR DSM2/DMSS satellite.

Specifications 150GRSA Flybarless System
Operating voltage range: 5V - 8.4V
Operating current consumption: <100mA @ 5V
Rotational detection rate: 2000°/sec
Rudder yaw detection rate: 2000°/sec
Sensor resolution: 16-Bit
Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +65°C
Operating humidity: 0% ~ 95%
Swashplate Support: MODE H-1
Receiver Support: ALIGN A.BUS / DSM2 / DSMX / DMSS
Transmit Distance: In open space without interference <150M

Specifications 150X Brushless ESC
Main motor output current: Continuous 6A, Surge 7A*
Tail motor output current: Continuous 3A, Surge 3.5A*
BEC output current: Continuous 5V / 2A, Surge 5V / 2.5A*
Supported motor types: 2 poles to 18 poles brushless outrunners
Maximum rotational speed: 2 poles-240000 RPM, 12 poles-40000 RPM
Input voltage: 2S Li-Po

* Persistent maximum current require optimal heat dissipation condition

1x 150 Main Control Board
1x A.BUS Receiver
1x 7A Brushless ESC
1x 150 GRS Double Sided Tape A
1x 150 GRS Double Sided Tape B
1x 150 Battery Socket
1x 150 Battery Socket Mount
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